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Charging - data secure and simple

Thanks to Autoload, you always have enough CampusCard credit. With Autoload, your CampusCard is automatically recharged at the checkout when you want it and your credit falls below a value you specify.

FAQ Autoload

What is Autoload?

With Autoload, you can top up your CampusCard without cash by direct debit from your account. As soon as your CampusCard balance falls below a value you set yourself, you will be asked at our checkouts in the dining halls and cafeterias whether you want to top up. If you agree, money will be loaded from your account to your CampusCard. You specify the amount you want to top up (at least 15 euros) in advance in the Autoload order.


What do I get out of using Autoload?

With Autoload, you no longer need to carry cash for the CampusCard revaluator. And you don't have to worry about having enough money on your CampusCard when you pay.



What do I need to do to use Autoload?

Complete and submit the appropriate Autoload Order. You will be notified by email as soon as we have activated your Autoload Order.


Do I have to charge my CampusCard every time I am asked to do so?

No. You are, of course, in control of when recharging takes place. Say yes if you want to top up your CampusCard; say no if you don't.


Can I change the amount to be topped up by autoload and the credit lower limit?

Yes, by completing and submitting the appropriate Change Order form.


Why do I have to top up at least 15 euros?

If the recharge amount were lower, you would probably be asked often at the cash registers whether you would like to recharge.

If this were necessary for many of our guests, queues would be unavoidable. That is why we have set a lower limit of 15 euros. If you would like to top up less than 15 euros, please use one of the cash reloaders.


At which cash desks can I top up my CampusCard?

At all cash desks of the Studierendenwerk as well as at some upsellers, such as the vending machines in LEO, and at the washing machine terminals in the dormitories Max Kade Haus and Am Sande.


Can I get a receipt for the Autoload recharge at the checkout?

No problem - just talk to the cashier about it.


Can I also use Autoload at vending machines for drinks and snacks at the Studierendenwerk?

Yes. This is possible if the vending machine has a card reader like the one in this photo. These are currently the snack and beverage vending machines in LEO at the Holländischer Platz campus, as well as the snack vending machines at the Damaschkestraße (Kassel) and Cafeteria Steinstraße (Witzenhausen) locations.
To use Autoload there, hold your card in front of the reader and confirm the recharge by pressing "Yes" on the touch panel.


How do I use Autoload on the revaluator?

You can top up your CampusCard with Autoload at all top-up machines that look like the one in this photo. Insert your CampusCard as usual and select the "Autoload" option on the screen. The machine will display the remaining balance on your CampusCard and the top-up amount you have specified.
You can now confirm that you want to top up. You then have the option of printing out a receipt confirming that you have successfully topped up your CampusCard.


Can I recharge my CampusCard several times a day via Autoload?

With Autoload you can recharge your CampusCard 1x per day at a cashier and 1x per day at a vending machine.


What happens if I lose my card?

Block your CampusCard immediately via the CampusCard portal at the ITS of the University of Kassel. As soon as the blocking is active, your CampusCard can neither be used for payment nor topped up.


Can I use Autoload if I do not have a domestic bank account?

No. Participation in the autoload process is only possible if you have an account with a German credit institution.


What happens if there is not enough money left in my account to top up?

Then your bank informs us that the direct debit was not possible. We block your CampusCard as a precaution and inform you of the outstanding amount by e-mail. The amount is made up of the top-up amount and the fee incurred for the return debit note. As soon as you have transferred the outstanding amount to us, your CampusCard will be unblocked. We will also inform you about this by e-mail.


What happens to my Autoload order if my CampusCard is defective?

If you have received a replacement CampusCard from the University, you can submit the defective CampusCard to us. We will transfer any existing remaining credit to your new CampusCard. The previous Autoload order will automatically expire. In order to be able to load the new CampusCard with Autoload as well, you must issue us with a new Autoload order for this purpose.


What should I do if I no longer want to use Autoload?

Inform us of this using the change order form. We will still execute the direct debit orders issued up to this point. Your personal data (name, address and bank details) will be deleted by us six months after the last direct debit.


I will be leaving the University of Kassel. Do I have to cancel the Autoload Order?

If you are no longer studying or working at the University of Kassel, please submit your CampusCard to us. We will transfer any remaining credit to your account. Your Autoload order will end automatically. An extra cancellation is not necessary. If you do not submit your CampusCard, please use the Change Request form to inform us that you will no longer use Autoload.


Who can answer my questions about Autoload?

The CampusCard team of the Studierendenwerk can be reached at campuscard((at))studierendenwerk.uni-kassel.de


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