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Corona / Covid 19 - How to contact us now

Currently, no face-to-face consultations are possible. Instead, You have these options:

  • #offenesohr (open ear) phone line: T. 0561 804 2800, Monday through Friday, 9am -1pm - Tuesday, Thursday and Friday also in English language.
  • Video consultation hours: Appointments by e-mail to beratung((at))studierendenwerk.uni-kassel.de or by phone 0561 804 2800.

Both offers are aimed both at those who want to talk to us for the first time and at those who already were in a consulting process before Corona.

Please note: We do not offer medical advice on Corona / Covid 19.


Psychological advising centre

The Psychological Advising Centre (Psychologische Beratungsstelle or PBS) of Student Services (Studierendenwerk) is open to all students and members of the University of Kassel. In advising sessions, those seeking advice can receive support in overcoming their psychological crises.


  • Advising is free of charge
  • Enquiries can be made by telephone
  • Upon registering for advising, sessions are personally arranged
  • For the open office/consultation hours (Monday and Thursday),  no pre-arranged appointment is necessary
  • The employees of the advising centre are bound to maintain confidentiality.

When is psychological advising helpful?

Insecurities, disorientation, and psychological problems are not unusual during one’s studies. Such problems arise in so-called threshold situations such as: begin of studies, changing of faculties, threat of dropping out of university, exam times, end of studies, and transition into workforce. These difficulties often manifest themselves in: problems with contact, learning difficulties, fear of exams, problems with partner, depressive moods, psychosomatic symptoms, problems with self esteem, fears, and also, from time to time, serious psychological crises. Studies can also interfere with already existing psychological problems.

Anyone who, during their studies, is having difficulties with:

  • working and exam stress
  • feelings of being overloaded and/or psychosomatic symptoms
  • dissatisfaction with current life situation, upheaval in life plan´, doubts about studying and life planning
  • conflicts with the ability to make decisions
  • insecurity in relationships
  • Questions about the consumption of legal and illegal substances (also advice for relatives)

What do we offer?
When a student turns to the PBS for help, the first appointment is arranged as fast as possible. Each session usually lasts 50 minutes.

Sometimes, after only a few sessions, it is possible to see current problems more clearly and open up room for manoeuvres. During the sessions, it can also be revealed that longer therapeutic support is necessary. (e.g. in the case of difficulties with working or exam fears). In this case, the scope and goals of a longer therapy are planned and arranged together with the advisor. If an out-patient psychotherapy seems to more appropriate then we will support you in finding a suitable therapist.

Fast and well-directed support in acute crises not only serves as primary relief, but also prevents serious consequences from developing further and becoming chronic.

For further information see Immer ein offenes Ohr (PDF for download).


There is a wide range of self-help books on psychologically problems. In the following you will find a choice of books on common topics, which are helpful in our opinion. This list is to be considered for your guidance in the large amount of self-help literature. Currently this list contains only German-language books - we apologize and kindly ask for your understanding.


Books on the topic of psychological problems and self-help (PDF)


Other Contact Points for You


In acute crisis situations we may not be reachable quickly enough. Then you can contact these

There are also more consulting services in view of difficult living conditions at the University and in the city. In the following you will find some links, which can be helpful in situations of crisis. We raise no claim of completeness.


Counselling centres at the University of Kassel


University Communities


Information Centres outside the University of Kassel

Diakonisches Werk Region Kassel Centre for Addiction: Alcohol/medicines, excessive use of media and gambling::

  • Kasseler Hilfe - Counselling centre for victims and witnesses of criminal offences
  • Caritas: Marriage, Family and Life Counselling 
  • Kabera - Counselling Centre for Eating Disorders
  • FIF Info und Beratungsstelle nur für Frauen -  Counselling centre for women only - on domestic violence, separation/divorce, care/rights of access, psychosocial counselling. The consultations are subject to a fee. Prices vary according to income. In the area "domestic violence" the counselling for women from the city of Kassel is free of charge.


Self-help Groups

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