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Mental Health Wednesday

What do we need to stay mentally healthy? What help is available and what can we do if we ourselves or people in our environment are psychologically burdened?
The Psychological Advisory Service offers a series of events at which those affected, their relatives or other interested parties can talk to specialists with experience in the subject.

A maximum of 15 people can take part in each event. Therefore, registration is necessary:

The events will take place mainly in the meeting room of the Max Kade Haus student hall (so-called CampusClub room), Universitätsplatz 1, at the top of the stairs next to LEO.

May, 15: Sexualized violence and its consequences

2-3.30 pm

Only for women and transgender people (FLINTA*). The workshop provides an initial overview on the topic and offers plenty of space for discussion. For example, what is meant by sexualized violence, what are the possible consequences, how can you learn to deal with it and what advisory and support services are available?


The workshop will be moderated by Isabel Seutter and Meike Noss, eigenMächtig e.V.


Meeting room Max Kade Haus, Universitätsplatz 1

June, 12: Studying with Autism - How does that work?

2-3:30 pm

The Exchange Panel will give you an insight into the world of autistic students showing how they are able to study successfully despite their impairment. For example, what are the special challenges, what strategies or offers of help are there? And what can people without autism learn by taking the perspective of people with autism?


The workshop will be moderated by Dustin Appel, Autismus Therapie und Beratung (ATB) Kassel.


Meeting room Max Kade Haus, Universitätsplatz 1

July, 3: Alone among many - lonely at the university

2-3.30 pm

From problem description to self-help - the workshop deals with general questions about loneliness: What is loneliness actually, how does it affect you, at what point is it problematic and can it sometimes even be good for you? In addition, the workshop will also show ways out of loneliness.


The workshop will be moderated by Helen Messelken, Psychological Advisory Service (PBS) of the Studierendenwerk Kassel


Meeting room Max Kade Haus, Universitätsplatz 1


The workshop will be held in German. If you can't participate because of the language but need support: Our Psychological Advisory Service has a sympathetic ear for you.

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