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Child care Die Frechdachse - Education in harmony with nature

The day care centre "Die Frechdachse" of the Studierendenwerk Kassel in Witzenhausen looks after children of students, employees of the university and families from the surrounding area. The educational concept of the facility focuses on nature education and a wholesome diet.

Basic Principles

In the kindergarten, twelve one- to three-year-old children are looked after full-time. Three pedagogical specialists take loving care of the little ones. They are supported by an intern in the Voluntary Social Year and a student assistant.
Ecological meals suitable for children are provided by the Mensa Steinstraße of the Studierendenwerk Kassel in Witzenhausen.


At the centre of the educational work is an open, holistic approach to nature education that takes into account the needs and interests of the children. Through a variety of play materials, a nature-oriented outdoor area with a garden and regular excursions in the surrounding area, they can explore their environment independently and experience it in a playful way. They even grow vegetables together and harvest apples. They use natural materials such as wood, cones, nutshells and leaves for handicrafts.

A balanced diet is a central component of the nature education concept. The ingredients used for lunch come from organic farming and meet the criteria of the organic label. As snacks, the children receive fresh fruit, which is also organically grown.

In the "dairy teeth friendly" children's day care centre, the morning meals are free of sugar and sugar substitutes. The food consists of wholemeal bread, fruit and vegetables. In addition, the nursery team works closely with the Witzenhausen youth dental care working group.


The coordination and cooperation with the parents in this important phase is particularly important to the team. According to the "Berlin Model", the children are gently acclimated to the crèche for several weeks. In the beginning, both the parents and a reference teacher accompany the child. In order to document the child's development, the team works together with the parents to create a portfolio for each of its protégés. The caregiver expands the folder with photos, pictures and stories from everyday life at the nursery.

Our house

The large common room is equipped with versatile, changing play materials. The integrated kitchen serves breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. The children can also romp around in the corridor - there is plenty of room for exercise, ball games and driving play vehicles.
The studio is for handicrafts. There the children gain experience with different materials. They develop creative and problem-solving skills independently. In the bedroom the children can rest and take a nap undisturbed.
Nature can be experienced on the outside area of the nursery. Sandpits, play gravel areas, nest swings, tree trunks and lots of green offer varied play and learning opportunities.

Opening times and costs

The day care centre is open Mondays to Fridays from 7.30 am to 16 pm.

During three weeks in the school summer or semester holidays, between Christmas and New Year and on individual pedagogical days for further training of the team, the facility remains closed.

The costs of supervision are based on the corresponding amounts paid by the municipal institutions. A cost assumption can be applied for at the local youth welfare service.

Costs: Childcare fee for a full-day place: 234 €/month
from the month in which the child turns 3 years old: 80 €/month

Catering fee:58 €/month


The day care centre "Die Frechdachse" of the Studierendenwerk Kassel accepts children of students and employees of the university as well as other citizens of the city of Witzenhausen, who have their first residence here. The management decides on admission regardless of the applicant's nationality or religious beliefs.
Interested parents can visit the institution after making an appointment by telephone.

If you would like to have your child looked after in the day care centre "Die Frechdachse", please apply for admission by filling in the form and either scanning it in and sending it to us:

by e-mail to frechdachse((at))studierendenwerk.uni-kassel.de or
by letter post to Studierendenwerk Kassel, Kita "Die Frechdachse", Am Sande 1, 37213 Witzenhausen, Germany.
Studentenwerk Kassel - "The Frechdachse" Day Care Centre
Karin Böning, day care management
Phone +49 5542/500 82 95
Address Am Sande 1, 37213 Witzenhausen, Germany

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