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Student Halls - Feeling at Home

Studierendenwerk Kassel offers almost 1000 rooms and apartments in Kassel and Witzenhausen available to students at the University of Kassel. Living in Studierendenwerk housing is a great way to meet other international students as well as Germans. Both single rooms and single apartments (with bathroom and kitchenette included) are available.

Student Halls in Witzenhausen

Your questions about student housing in Witzenhausen will be answered by:
Harald Mentz
Phone +49 5542 981-202
Personal appointments by phone or e-mail.

Please apply for a place in a student hall as early as possible if you intend to study in Witzenhausen, regardless of whether you have already been admitted or have enrolled.

Application for a place in a student hall


Student Hall Am Sande 1/1A - multilingual and multicultural

With 102 rooms, this apartment complex is the largest in Witzenhausen. It is located near the university campus, directly across from the public swimming pools. Many international students live here, speaking a variety of languages. Those who wish, can easily meet and befriend other students. All rooms are furnished and cable and telephone accessible.


Student Hall Stubenstraße 20 - On the banks of the river Werra

This apartment complex is located in a peaceful, albeit central area of town, right near the Werra River. Recently renovated, this beautiful historic sandstone building offers all the modern comforts for 18 students.

All rooms are completely furnished and cable- and telephone-accessible. A TV room and lounge, as well as the laundry room and bike storage areas are available.


Student Hall Vor dem Rabensberg 18 - Small and cosy

This very small student hall near campus Nordbahnhofstraße offers five rooms. The students who live here share a spacious kitchen, two bathrooms, a bicycle parking, washing machine and dryer as well as a nice patio. All rooms are completely furnished

Vor dem Rabensberg 18

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