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How much money a student spends per month varies a lot. The University of Kassel does not charge any tuition fees but so-called social fees "Semesterbeitrag". You further have to pay for rent, insurance, food, clothes, books, entertainment, and travel. According to experience students need about 600 and 900 Euro per month. 

There are a number of ways how you can save money while studying in Kassel. These include:

  • Borrowing your books for class from the library and/or copy important parts at a Copy Shop
  • Jogging, walking in one of the beautiful parks in Kassel is a perfect alternative to the Gym
  • There are a lot of second hand shops where you get cheap furniture, clothing, things of all kind and of course you can check postings and the internet for a good deal, also check out "schwarzes Brett" online or the pinboards on campus
  • If you live with others, see if they want to buy big items- microwave, printer, TV, etc- together
  • Show your student ID. Students get discounts almost everywhere!!!
  • Ask your neighbors and friends in Kassel how they do it and where they shop!


If you need help finding funding for your studies, please contact our social advisor,  Mr. Mike B√∂se.

In emergency situations, the Protestant and Catholic Student Congregations also offer funding to international students.

Working in Germany

Citizens of the EU, the EWR or Switzerland do not need a work permit to work in Germany. Students from other countries can work in Kassel for 120 full or 240 half days (4 hours) per year. Special student jobs at the university are not restricted by time.

The Studierendenwerk also offers a number of positions in our cafeterias and dining halls.

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