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UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities - Inclusion Action Plan

Action plan of the Hessian Studierendenwerke

On the basis of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the Hessian Studierendenwerke have jointly drawn up an action plan in a broad-based process, the objectives and measures of which are geared towards enabling equal access and study conditions for students with disabilities.

Aktionsplan der hessischen Studierenden- und Studentenwerke (PDF) (German Language only)

Action Plan of the Studierendenwerk Kassel

The action plan of the Studierendenwerk Kassel is based on the jointly defined fields of action and their overall goals, to which all five Studierendenwerke are committed within the framework of their legal duties and social responsibility.

In order to achieve the common overall goals of the framework action plan, they must be translated into operational target systems and supported by concrete measures. The following action plan serves this purpose at the Studierendenwerk Kassel:

Aktionsplan Studierendenwerk Kassel (PDF) (German language only)

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