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FAQ – CampusCard-Bonus

The bonus program ended on 31 December, 2020. What happens to my bonus points now?

Even after the promotional period has expired, you can still exchange 30 CampusCard bonus points for 5 euros in CampusCard credit.

How can I convert the bonus points into credits?

When you have collected 30 bonus points, our staff at the cash desks will inform you. They can credit the 5 euros directly to your CampusCard.

You can also have the 5 euro CampusCard bonus credited to your CampusCard at the information desk in the Campus Center. Cash payment of the credit is not possible.


Where can I redeem my bonus credit?

You can redeem the CampusCard bonus at all Mensa and cafeteria cash desks as well as at the information desk in CampusCenter.


How can I check how many bonus points I have collected?

You can print out your bonus point balance at the cash registers. The points you were able to collect before December 31, 2020 have been saved. So we can still credit you the bonus for 30 points.



What if I have collected less than 30 bonus points?

Only those who had already collected 30 bonus points before the end of the promotion period can have them credited to their CampusCard now. The bonus points cannot be transferred to other cards or be combined with them.



What happens to my bonus points if I lose my CampusCard or if it breaks?

Unfortunately, if you lose your CampusCard or it is broken, we are not able to restore any bonus points you have already collected.



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