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About us - Facts and Figures

The Studierendenwerk is divided into four service areas:

Staff units have been set up for the areas of Legal Affairs, Communication & International Affairs, Auditing and Quality Management as well as Childcare.

The structure of the Studierendenwerk

The organs of the Studierendenwerk are the administrative board and the managing director. The board of directors consists of six members.

  • Chairwoman Prof. Dr. Ute Clement, President of the University, represented by the Chancellor, Dr. Oliver Fromm
  • Representative of the professors Prof. Dr. Petra Freudenberger-Lötz
  • Student representatives Robert Wöhler, Sophie Eltzner
  • Representative of the Studierendenwerk Employees Reinhold Wetzig, Claudia Beinhoff
  • Managing Director and Budget Agent Assessor Christa Ambrosius

Organisation Chart of the Studierendenwerk Kassel

From the Annual Report 2020

Excerpts from the performance figures Leistungszahlen 2020 (PDF).

  • Due to the Corona pandemic only 406.000 million meals were served in the dining halls and 508.000 Euros werde exchanged in the cafeterias
  • 4,798 BAföG applications received around 24 million euros in subsidies
  • 2,005 applications for Aufstiegs-BAföG were supported with about 6.5 million Euros in funding (only grant portion)
  • around 1,100 places in 26 student halls were made available and managed
  • in two kindergartens in Kassel and Witzenhausen up to 84 children of different age groups  were cared for and flexible daycare was offered at "studykidscare"
  • 1,863 people did seek advice in general social advisory service
  • 1,840 Therapy interviews were conducted in the psychological advisory centre
  • 479 Legal advices were provided

This makes our work possible

The work of the Studierendenwerk is financed by:

  • Turnover (39 %)
  • Student Semester Fee(27 %)
  • Grants from the Hessian Ministry of Science and the Arts (15 %)
  • Expense reimbursements for implementing BAföG and AFBG (8 %)
  • othersubsidies (9 %)
  • other income (2 %)

Semester Fees - 80 Euros for the Studierendenwerk

With 80 Euros each student finances the work of the Studierendenwerk. This means that those who enrol or re-register at the University of Kassel pay this solidarity contribution together with other contributions once per semester to the University of Kassel. The amount of contribution for the Studierendenwerk is determined by the Hessian Ministry of Science and the Arts after hearing the executive board and the management.

This fee is payable by the students: Our aim is to offer high-quality products and services and to satisfy the various needs and demands of our customers.

We are happy to meet this challenge. Although all areas of performance must work economically, we make every effort to recognise and take into account the needs of our students.

Two thirds of the student semester fees are used to offer all students, and in particular the socially needy students, a healthy, tasty and inexpensive meal. For example, it is only thanks to the students' fee that it is possible to sell the particularly inexpensive and nevertheless complete meal 1 at a price between 2,10 euros and 2.40 euros, including two side dishes. In addition, the semester fees are used to finance special offers for students: Free legal advice, social and psychological advice as well as student financing advice would not be possible without semester fees.

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