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BAföG for students with kids

A pregnancy will not necessarily mean that there will be no longer support. The BAföG support is granted for up to three calendar months if a student is unable to fulfil her study obligations due to pregnancy. In this case, the respective semester is counted as a subject semester when the maximum funding period is determined.

If the studies are prolonged due to pregnancy, the BAföG support can continue to be provided. Beyond the maximum funding period, BAföG support is provided for an appropriate period if it has been exceeded by up to ten years as a result of pregnancy, the care and upbringing of a child. In these cases, the benefits are provided exclusively as a grant. A corresponding application must be submitted to the Studierendenwerk describing the impairment of studies.

A similar procedure also applies to the university's certificate of academic performance to be submitted at the beginning of the 5th semester. If the required aptitude certificate cannot be submitted on time due to pregnancy, care and upbringing of a child up to ten years of age, an application should be made to the Office for BAföG Assistance to postpone the submission date.
In the case of a leave of absence, benefits will not be granted for the corresponding semester according to BAföG. This semester is then not taken into account when counting the semesters in the subject area and is therefore not counted towards the maximum funding period.

Students with children up to the age of ten also receive a BAföG childcare supplement, which is paid as a subsidy in deviation from other funding.
Let us advise you - the BAföG team will be happy to answer your questions.

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