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Jobs for Students

The legal restrictions for working in Germany as international students are very strict - and should be considered before applying for a job. Students from Non-EU countries are restricted to 120 full work days or 240 half work days a year.


Best of Student Jobs: Right on campus - fair pay - super flexible

Help out in the Mensa kitchen and make sure that everyone on campus gets their delicious lunch.

  • Pick a time that suits you - work is Monday to Friday, 10am to 3pm.
  • Current hourly wage: 12.31 euros
  • Up to 30 days holiday/year
  • Continued payment of wages if you fall ill
  • You decide how many hours you work
  • Whether mini-job or "Werksstudent" contract - everything is possible

You don't have a food security certificate yet? No problem, we will tell you how to get the relevant training and reimburse you the costs (app. 29 euros) as soon as we can offer you a contract.

We would be happy if you attach your certificate of study and state in the email which days of the week you would like to work. Your data will of course only be used for application management purposes and the documents will be destroyed after the application process has been completed.


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